Geometric Modeling for CAD/CAM system

Before I came to UC Berkeley, I worked for more than four years (1996-2000) as a model developer and project manager at Bei Hang Haire CAXA, the No.1 CAD/CAM software company in China.

As a model developer and software engineer, I and my colleagues developed a 3D geometric modeling sub-system in C/C++ for CAXA, the commercial CAD/CAM software. I by mysef almost developed and implemented every important algorithm in geometric modeling, ranging from 2D curve approximation and editing, 3D surface interpolation and modeling, to surface/surface intersection, surface trimming, splitting and blending. You may look into the following documents to learn more about what I did in this field.

As a project manager, I led a nine-person team to develop surface modeling software which consisting of more than 150,000 lines of C++ source code. My role mainly focuses on project planning, task scheduling and team motivating. The challenges I handled included: 1) comprehending sophisticated technical and algorithmic problems; 2) decomposing complex software into simple modules for parallel development, and defining milestone modules on the critical path; 3) assigning appropriate modules to the right persons and coordinating the progress of each task. Under my leadership, my group became the best-organized and fastest-moving team in the company. The software we developed, CAXA, is now the best-seller software in CAD/CAM industry in China.